Transported creates beautiful, compelling VR experiences using high-quality 360° imagery. Below are file specification guidelines for achieving the best tour results:

  • Capture area: Uploaded images should be fully spherical. A spherical panorama captures the entire sphere surrounding the camera, including the zenith directly above.
  • Nadir patching: The tripod/monopod footprint at the bottom of the image does not need to be Photoshopped out. Please try to keep the footprint as small as is possible though.
  • Format: Images should be equirectangular projections with an aspect ratio of 2:1 (width to height). This is the standard output for cameras like the Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta, Panono, and Insta360 Pro.
  • Dimensions: Preferred image dimensions are 8192 x 4096. The Creator tour-building software will however accept larger photos which it will automatically resize for proper display in VR. 4096 x 2048 is the minimum size at which to upload photos.
  • File type: JPEG.
  • Compression: If possible, images should be saved at 85% quality. This compression setting provides a good balance between image quality and image file size. Reduced file sizes aid in the speedy delivery of tours across all types of internet connections.

If you are using a DSLR camera to capture your spaces, you’ll need to stitch your panoramas before importing them into Transported Creator.

If you are using 3D CAD renders, you’ll need to render your spaces as equirectangulars before importing them into Transported Creator.

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