A collaborator is a listing agent, client, or a tour builder. Multiple collaborators of both types can be attached to a tour. It is not necessary to have a paid account to be a collaborator.

  • A collaborator agent is generally the listing agent for the property. Their profile information is shown at the bottom of the web tour and in the VR listing's Jump Menu. Collaborator agents can be granted editor privileges which means that they can access an existing tour to make additions or updates via their own copy of Transported Creator.
  • A collaborator tour builder is generally part of a team or company of other tour builders. They publish all of their tours to a single paid account.

To invite a collaborator to a tour, log into your account and go to My Tours. Beneath each of your tours will be the option to add collaborators.

Note 1: Tours must be published prior to adding collaborators. For more information on how to publish in "Hidden" mode so that the tour is not yet visible in the VR marketplace please see Sharing a draft before making the tour public.

Note 2: Recipients of invitations to collaborate must already have a Transported user account. Free user accounts can be created in less than a minute by going to the signup page.

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