All Transported VR tours are available on all the platforms we support:

  • Native virtual reality (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR)
  • Computers through any modern web browser
  • Smartphones and tablets through any web browser

Supported native VR headsets

Currently we support the following native virtual reality headsets: Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Google Daydream and HTC Vive will be coming soon.

To view your Transported tours in VR, you'll need download the free Transported app from the respective app stores:

After installing the Transported app, you'll be able to find your tour in the main gallery interface. Scroll through the grid to locate yours.

If you are using Transported Creator and you have your VR headset hooked up to the same computer, then your draft tours will also appear under the “T” menu. At this time this only works with Oculus Rift on Windows PCs.

Standalone VR tours on the web

Every Transported tour includes a standalone web page that’s viewable on any modern web browser. Find your tours by logging into your account and then seeing them listed under My Tours. Click on a tour and then you can share that link with your clients, friends, or even on social media.

Tours on mobile and tablets

Transported tours work great on smartphones and tablets. Just load up the same standalone link and it’ll function exactly the same way. In fact on mobile devices, you can even move your smartphone around to navigate your tour (swiping with your fingers still works too).

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