With Transported Creator, you'll be able to preview your in-progress draft tours in VR, as long as you have an Oculus Rift connected to the same Windows computer.

  • Simply build your tour as you normally would.
  • Make sure you have a thumbnail assigned to your tour in the Organizer.
  • When finished—or close to it—go to the My Tours screen to exit out of editing the tour and thus saving your progress.
  • Open Transported from the Oculus app.
  • Click the “T” button, labeled Creator, in the main gallery to see your tour!


  • The VR app loads tours at startup. So if you make a change to a draft tour, quit out of the VR app and restart it to see your changes.
  • Same goes for previewing new drafts or viewing just-published tours. Just restart the app to update the list.
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