After you've published a tour on Transported, you can share it in a number of ways:

  1. As a link in an email or text message
  2. In a Zillow listing
  3. On social media
  4. Embedded on the property's website
  5. In an MLS listing

The Share Dialog Box

On a tour's webpage, you'll find a big Share button just under the property's description. Click that and you'll see the Share dialog box with a few options inside.


Click the Copy button to copy the link to this tour. Use this link on email, texts, and anything else you can think of. You can use this link in the property's Zillow listing as well.


Click either the Facebook or Twitter buttons to post this tour to those social media channels. For Facebook, be sure that you're posting from your Page—if you have one set up for your business—rather than your personal account. You can do that easily by selecting Share On a Page You Manage from the dropdown menu.


To embed the tour on your website or the properties website, select the size of the embed you'd like and then copy the code to insert into your webpage.

Share on the MLS

To include links in a listing, many MLS systems require those links to be "unbranded", that is without your own branding. To add a Transported tour to your listing on the MLS:

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